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23 April 2021

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A fresh edition of our quarterly newsletter, ‘My Choice’ is here!

We’ve got lots of interesting articles that will definitely keep you engrossed.


This edition discusses adolescent sexual and reproductive health in Nigeria and highlights some of the horrific experiences adolescents face in dealing with the challenges of unplanned pregnancies.


We also asked the critical question, ‘Who killed Ntadi? A review of how society is failing its adolescents to make informed sexual and reproductive health decisions.


As you glide through, you will discover the heroic activities of everyday ladies working in the humanitarian and conflict zones of Yobe and Borno to reach women and girls with reproductive choice as well.


We also brought you some testimonials of beneficiaries of Marie Stopes’ sexual and reproductive health services.


As always, we love to read from you. Give us feedback, topic ideas and share your story with us on Newsletter@mariestopes.org.ng or call us on 080 000 22252.


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