My Choice Newsletter - 3rd Edition

23 November 2020

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We are happy to share with you the 3rd Edition of our Newsletter, ‘My Choice’!


This edition is loaded with interesting articles that will keep you engrossed. It highlights the inequity in access and provision of family planning services between the poor and the rich, the hurdles faced by women and girls in rural Nigeria, and the needed investment/interventions necessary to close this equity gap.


It spotlights the heroic activities of providers who sometimes work in extreme conditions and ride against the tide of harmful cultural norms to reach women with contraception. It showcases the life-changing testimonials of beneficiaries of family planning and their candid words to encourage more women and couples to choose to plan births.


Interestingly, this edition also raises a debate on who really should bear the burden of contraception – the woman or MAN? Dig in to know more and join the conversation.


As always, we love to read from you. Give us feedback, topic ideas and share your story with us on or call us on 080 000 22252.



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